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relationship, which combines some young المتأسلمين their wives, which built desire love, physical pleasure understanding affection mentioned Koran, urged Muslims good handling women Virtue or «demobilization truth», writer show size desire sweeping youth Islamic groups through character «supported», which embodies Representative Walid Fawaz, young man who keen performance obligations timely fashion belongs Islamic groups, but without beard like them, but works كخلايا dormant hear obey, wants marry Alqatnat Balharh, called «Nawara» embodied fairy Farghaly, although does know feelings love virgin, but coveted marry her beauty their appearance, satisfy wishes nationality, being several attempts marry her after pay member warm Maackstha, then exposes his command front people warm, which home, resorted Sheikh group «patron» embodied Ahmad sweetness, go him her home her consolation her family, which rejected at outset her father «Spring» embodied Abdulaziz Mkhion, her brother « Atef »embodied Ahmad Fishawi, then agrees her father despite